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Sinker & Wire EDM

Our conventional EDM department is equipped with seven sinker EDM machines and an Aztec hole shooter. We have Charmilles, Eltee and Elox machines. This gives us a wide range of capacity and capabilities. The EDM machines are equipped with the 3R system to insure accuracy and repeatability. The other departments that manufacture and dress the electrodes also use the 3R system.

Our operators have the expertise to burn carbide as well as the various tool steels used by our customers. Whether a punch face is for a miniature electrical contact or a large surface area with multiple features our operators are trained to achieve the best possible surface finish. The less the recast layer is, the better the detail on the finished face. This helps avoid distorting the face features during the polishing process. We apply the same concepts when burning choke/step dies.

The Japax CNC EDM has orbiting capabilities as well as being able to tap hardened tool steel. Punch face electrodes are produced first on a high-end graphic computer using the latest version of MasterCam software and then cut on a Mikron GraphiteMaster HSM 300 high-speed mill with a very high degree of accuracy.

Wire EDM

The Wire EDM department is equipped with two Mitsubishi, one Makino, and one Sodick wire machines capable of using .004, .006, .008, .010, and .012 diameter wire for a variety of applications. With taper and auto-threading capabilities the wires can and do run around the clock to meet tight delivery schedules. Integrating wire EDM into production in the 1970s gives CTI employees over 40 years of experience with the process.

The wires are equipped with 3R System work holding fixtures to ensure accuracy and repeatability in the next operation. Programming is accomplished using the latest version of MasterCam 3D modeling software, and programs are stored in digital archives for repeat orders.