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Powder Compacting Dies & Support Tooling

In addition to Compacting Dies and Powder Metal Compacting Dies,Powder Compaction Tooling is our specialty. We have been building die sets and the support tooling since our inception. A large portion of our business is sustained by reface/repair work on compaction tooling as well. Compacting Tooling, Inc. takes pride in producing all of our tooling to the highest standards of quality. In a recent annual customer survey, one of our customers referred to Compacting Tooling as “The Benchmark of Quality.” We strive to live up to that statement with every toolset and component we produce. All customers receive the same level of quality and customer support. When etching your company name on tooling, you want people to see that quality and know who built the tools.

In order to accomplish that, we’ve deployed two Mikron Graphitemaster 300 high-speed mills. It is state of the art in high-speed mills, allowing us to fabricate complex electrodes with .0001 accuracy.

Producing quality compacted tooling is only part of the picture. Equally important is delivering the tooling on time. We are committed to meeting or beating our quoted delivery dates. Our customers have the confidence in Compacting Tooling’s delivery record to schedule their presses accordingly. A high on time percentage is equally important to our customers in supplying parts to their customers in this never ending cycle.
We manufacture toolsets for everything from gears 1/8” to 6” in diameter to complex multi-cavity shapes. These tools are used to press parts for automobiles, lawn and garden equipment, business machines, hand power tools, electronics, bearings, firearms, electrical contacts, etc. Some of the materials pressed into these parts consist of powdered metal, ceramic, polymers, and precious metals.