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ID/OD Grinding

A Tool and Die manufacturing facility is not complete without a strong OD/ID and Surface Grinding Department. While some may consider these operations basic, in reality they are equally important as any of the other manufacturing areas. Almost every item manufactured passes through this department and the individuals operating the equipment are working to the same close tolerances (.0001) as the other departments in most instances.

This department is equipped with a Chevalier Surface Grinder having a 16” x 26” magnet with a grinding tolerance of .0001. We also have a Thompson Surface Grinder for the smaller components. The OD/ID equipment consists of a Heald ID/OD Grinder, Myford for grinding between centers, two Brown and Sharpe and a K.O. Lee OD Grinder for the smaller tooling. We also have a Zocca OD Grinder for larger tooling. This versatility enables us to manufacture a wide range of tooling.