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Compacting Tooling

Compacting Tooling, Inc. (CTI) is a specialized Tool & Die company with a 46 year history of manufacturing high quality tooling for the powder compaction industry.

CTI employs over 20 highly skilled craftsmen.

We pride ourselves on producing the best quality tooling available, along with a top rate delivery record. We sell the majority of our tooling to powdered metal (P/M) parts manufacturers all over the United States and Singapore. Some of the materials compacted into parts using our tooling are steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, polymers (plastics), and ceramics.

Some examples of the parts produced using our tooling are triggers, hammers and sights for firearms manufacturers; gears for automotive, power tools, copiers, and cameras; high heat bearings and seals for aircraft and nuclear power plants; and ceramic parts for faucets, electronics, and wear applications.

Our tooling is made to your exact specifications. Rigorous inspection during manufacture and thorough inspection just prior to shipment ensures we will meet or exceed your expectations for quality tooling.

The production of top quality tooling is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. This philosophy has served us well in the past, and will continue to be how we conduct business in the future.

The production of superior quality tooling is, and always has been, the primary concern of CTI’s management and its employees. Our goal is to provide our customers with tooling that is of superior quality, priced competitively, and delivered on a timely basis.